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Best Freelance Full Stack Web Developer in Pakistan


Are you looking for a Web Developer in Pakistan?

I’m Rehan, a tech enthusiast with expertise in a range of front-end and back-end technologies. I have experience designing, developing, and maintaining small and enterprise-level applications using various development tools and languages to meet unique project requirements. I have worked on a variety of projects, including web banking, social projects, multivendor e-commerce, LMS, affiliate blogs, startups, SAAS solutions, and web apps. I’m here to empower each other to create a better future whether you’re searching for long-term sustainability, performance, security, or influence.

πŸ‘‰ Services Offered:

⚈ Custom PHP Web Application Development
⚈ Custom API Development (REST OAuth2)
⚈ API Integrations (Google APIs, Twilio, Zoom APIs, Plivo, etc. )
⚈ Payment Gateway (Paypal | Apple | Google | Stripe | | Braintree, etc.)
⚈ CRM (Zoho | Hubspot | Sugar etc.) Integrations
⚈ Database Optimization
⚈ Database Design
⚈ Data Scraping
⚈ Custom WordPress Plugins and Themes
⚈ Adding New Functionality and Debugging Existing Applications
⚈ Product Customizer
⚈ Ecommerce Store
⚈ Affiliate and Simple Blog Web Application Development

πŸ‘‰ Core Strengths:

βœ” PHP | Laravel | CodeIgniter | CakePHP
βœ” WordPress | Woocommerce
βœ” HTML5
βœ” CSS3 | SASS | SCSS | Okala | Grunt | Gulp
βœ” Bootstrap5 | Semantic UI | Tailwind CSS
βœ” JavaScript
βœ” jQuery
βœ” Fabric.js
βœ” Node.js
βœ” React.js
βœ” Postman | Thunder Client Testing
βœ” Git | Github | Gitlab
βœ” AJAX | Fetch | Axios
βœ” Composer | npm
βœ” Vagrant | WAMP | LAMP | XAMP | MAMP | Laragon
βœ” MongoDB | MySQL | Firebase
βœ” Linux Command Line

πŸ‘‰ Why should you work with me? I guarantee:

➀ Perform your project in a great way
➀ Fast and professional work
➀ Attention to details
➀ Meeting deadlines

Note: I prefer an hourly job, but if you have a fixed budget we can discuss any terms.

I would like to invite you to take a look at my LinkedIn profile and portfolio below where you can learn a bit more about me and some of the projects that I’ve taken on as well.


3 Crucial Characteristics to Look for When Hiring a Developer

1- Technical Expertise

The knowledge of multiple technologies that will be necessary for the project is the most crucial attribute of a developer. Ascertain that the developer has worked with a variety of technologies, particularly on similar projects. In this manner, they’ll be well-versed in industry standards and be able to discover appropriate solutions to problems.

Familiarity with development and task management tools, version control, full-stack, and deployment processes are all crucial qualities. If you hire Drupal developers that are unable to work with PHP, for example, your project may suffer. You can check to see if your developer has the necessary skills by:

Inquire about work samples.
A technical interview should be conducted.
Hire web developers who have participated in hackathons.
Expose them to simulated programming scenarios.
Request a credible reference.

2- Possessing Problem-Solving Skills

One of a programmer’s most important responsibilities is to solve problems. They must be able to see problems quickly, devise a solution, and effectively cope with unforeseen faults. Whether it’s a code bug or a scalability issue during deployment, your developer must be prepared to deal with any situation.

This is especially useful when working with complex codes and a group. Not only must the problem be solved beyond a shadow of a doubt, but it must also be done without putting undue strain on an individual or jeopardizing the deadline.

3- Communication Skills and Team Management

Communication abilities and development knowledge go hand in hand. A good programmer should be able to successfully communicate the project’s objectives, ideas, and problems. They must also be able to communicate hypotheses, concepts, and solutions to the team in a clear and concise manner.

It’s also advantageous if they can operate as part of a team while also managing their own workload. If you have numerous developers working on your project, they must complement each other’s work rather than detract from it. A good team collaborates to offer ideas, solve problems, and apply their distinctive talents to the project’s benefit. They must also put personal matters aside and collaborate professionally with the rest of the team.

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At first, look, finding the appropriate fit for your web development project may appear to be a daunting endeavor. However, once you find a talented developer, your project will take off and provide you with a high rate of return on investment.

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