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Starting from the end of my degree. It was a turning point in my life from where everything changed for me, before that I don’t have any goals or ambitions. Let me give that tragedy the title “Swim or Sink“. Yes, it was a tragedy in my life. Let’s begin!!!

Swim or Sink

Back in 2018, it was my 6th semester and I’m about to cease. That was the most unfortunate but somehow pathetic time in my life. My average result for each semester is about 30-45% and not above this. The 7th semester requires me to show 90% plus results in order to survive the degree.

This was the time when I have to decide whether I’m going to Sink or I’ll Swim. You know I have decided to fight.

Bought a register, and a pen and start taking classes regularly. Earlier I didn’t take the lectures seriously. But this time I arrived at the class on time, open up the register wrote down the date and day, and also mentioned classwork or homework similar to what we did in school life, turned on the projector some time, and listen to the teacher to what he is saying.

Initially, it was hard for me to get the things as this is the end of the degree and I haven’t studied the whole degree the worst thing is this is the toughest semester which has 6 subjects with 6 projects including FYP and I also joined an internship at MegaIT Solutions.

I created notes on all subjects and started understanding things. Most of the teachers didn’t like me just because of my bad previous history but in the end, I prove myself just by determination and hard work. I took 90% marks in the 7th semester by hitting 4 A’s and 2 B’s. Never got this percentage in my whole education carrier because of this I got motivated and decided to be an expert in my field.

When I started my web development carrier. I didn’t find any mentor who can hold my hand and help me and guide me in all situations. I tried to approach many of the seniors who are already there in the field but they just ignore me and refuse to teach me.  I tried but failed, again tried again and failed but I didn’t quit. Follow youtube tutorials to learn code and many other skills like digital marketing, business development, and SEO from them i.e #codewithharry #ThapaTechnical Ajay Suneja 🇮🇳 Farooq Hussain Shah Hisham Sarwar, and many more.

Spartans 300

Still working with that dedication. Started this series I think in 2020 sir started the mission earlier but I joined it late. I was doing the job this time but I spent 4-5 hours daily learning WordPress, I was excited to finish a video and for new videos posted by Sir Farooq Shah, eventually, I completed the playlist and then started a job as a WordPress at Technology Architects.
As sir said try to build your Page, Linkedin, and all those things I was working on these things as well. many times took pauses and then started. Created an Upwork profile, built the profile on a daily basis on all platforms, and keep learning things. Didn’t do a single comment during the whole series just learned the skills and implement them. It’s time to pay back and continue the same mission.

Cohort training

Once saw a video of sir Hisham and I was much inspired by him that he is teaching premium content for free. Didn’t waste a minute and started following his cohort mission, learning digital marketing, freelancing, business development, SEO, the basics of copywriting, and much more things. I think I only skip the design playlist. But sir keep asking for the things same as Sir Farooq Shah to build your Facebook page, work on your LinkedIn, create your website, and all those.

Now & Next

I worked 14-16 hours a day with full passion and today I’m a pro-full-stack web developer. I have solved many complex business solutions. Developed eCommerce stores, product designers, LMS systems, and many more. Top rated over Upwork earned not much from Upwork just because didn’t give time to it. Right now running a small software house of 5 people #devlet the website is not yet completed just purchased a domain and the SECP process is ongoing. I have space where I can teach students, I mean hands-on training just to empower them so they can earn a handsome amount by job or freelancing.

The most important thing I earned is the skills that help me to keep growing my business and produce an opportunity for newbies. What I earn so far I invested in setting up this workspace and other household things.

One can visit my profiles on different platforms using the following links:



Keep trying and never give up. Try to invest time today and it will help you tomorrow. The loser is the one who doesn’t try, give it a try failure is a sign that you are doing something. If you are not failing then you have to think about it.

Thank you

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  1. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

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