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Best 5 PHP Frameworks for Web Development


Out of all the programming languages, PHP is used the most worldwide for creating websites and software. It is a popular programming language because all the websites created with this programming language are secure. PHP frameworks are available to make it easy to code for web development.

However, updates and revolutions have kept coming since this programming language was first introduced. There is a need for PHP frameworks because developers can’t start from scratch and write thousands of lines of code every single time. PHP frameworks are available, making programmers’ lives easy every day. However, the challenge arises when you have to differentiate them.

This article will discuss the top 5 PHP frameworks for web development. So, keep reading to find more information below about the best PHP framework.

What is a PHP Framework?                                                         

PHP Framework is a platform that makes it a little easier to create websites and other software rooted in PHP. PHP frameworks for WordPress make it less complicated for web developers to perform their job correctly. Many top PHP frameworks are available nowadays, making it easy to create a website in WordPress.

PHP framework makes your work more accessible because it will act like an initial point and introduces a vast library for you. This library contains the most used features in the PHP language to make your work much more manageable. The PHP Framework list we will discuss today will give you a lot of information about the programming language itself.

Coding does not have to be super time-consuming anymore; that is why PHP frameworks are available to cut down the manual effort you have to put into coding every single time. The best PHP Framework 2022 will ensure you can get your hands on reusable code and save your precious time by ending your project efficiently.

5 Best PHP Frameworks

There is no doubt that PHP frameworks effectively make it easy for developers and their projects. PHP Framework will allow you to work on separate parts of the project and save a lot of time if you are a developer. See the top 5 PHP frameworks for web development in 2022 below.

1- Laravel Framework

Laravel was introduced back in 2011, and since then, it has been on the top of the chart. This PHP Framework is popular for simplifying complex web applications to a great extent compared to the others available. If you want to reduce the complexity of everyday tasks while programming, then this is the right choice for you to make.

Laravel has a blade templating engine, which makes it capable of utilizing PHP inside it. This framework offers many security features, and the community is also very supportive. By using this Framework, you can quickly get access to Packalyst and use it without having to install PHP.

Personally, I have developed many web applications in Laravel and one of my favorites is TalkMaze. You can visit the website here.

2- SymfonyFramework

Symfony was launched in 2005, and it is popular because of the reusable libraries it gives you access to. It is the proper PHP framework for organizations working on large-scale projects. The community of this Framework is very supportive, and you can easily find great tutorials for learning it online.

Overall, it is easy to work with the PHP framework, and you can easily set it up. Symfony is a flexible framework that enables you to integrate it with libraries from different vendors. However, it is essential to note that it is not the right PHP platform for beginners because it is not easy to start with. It is the right choice if you are an advanced web developer.

3- CodeIgniterFramework

Codelgniter is a low-maintenance PHP Framework that does not require much effort when installing. It is only 2 MB in size and does not leave a major footprint behind. The reason why it is so popular is that it works smoothly with dedicated hosting platforms. MVC architecture is also used in this PHP framework and is lightweight.

You will get to see built-in security features against XSS and CSRF attacks. The good news is that it is a beginner-friendly BHP framework, and you can use it even if you are not an advanced developer. However, this platform is not the most popular one when it comes to releasing updates quickly.

4- Laminas Project Framework

Laminas Project comprises a component-based design which is very beneficial because you will only load the components required from different libraries. It fulfills the purpose of using a PHP Framework in the first place because it is quite time-saving. You will only use the parts you need, and it is a very flexible system that provides your multiple backends.

In this PHP Framework, the MVC architecture is integrated with the external library and has a caching subsystem. It is entirely based on corporate development principles, which makes it the perfect PHP Framework that you can use for many different web applications.

5- Phalcon Framework

Phalcon is in the top 5 PHP frameworks list in 2022 because it is a full-stack PHP Framework. An interesting fact about this PHP Framework is that it was initially written in C and C++ programming languages. This PHP Framework has been quite efficient in releasing updates since 2012. Significant companies worldwide use this Framework, such as Germany’s Good Games Studios.

Using this Framework, you can easily create different web applications that demand highly configurable practices in web development. You will also see built-in security features in this PHP framework so you can design well-organized applications and websites. Phalcon is an impressive Framework regarding memory usage and provides a fast-templating engine named Volt.

Factors to Consider Before Using a PHP Framework

Before you start using PHP Framework, you must master the PHP programming language completely. Almost all PHP frameworks run on PHP version 7.2 or a newer version. Before using a PHP Framework, you should consider some essential factors to make the most out of it.

Let’s look at the factors you should consider before you start using a PHP Framework for your project.

  1. Understand the concepts of object-oriented PHP. By doing this, you can understand object-relational mapping much better.
  2. Gain experience building different applications using the PHP programming language. Prior experience and knowledge are significant before you move on to using a PHP framework.
  3. Understand how databases work so you can quickly move entire projects smoothly. If you know SQL Syntax, it is the cherry on top.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which PHP framework is fast?

The fastest PHP Framework that is well known for web development and has a positive reputation is Codelgniter.

  • What are the best PHP frameworks in 2022?

The best PHP frameworks in 2022 include Laravel, Codelgniter, Symfony, Laminas Project, and Phalcon.


PHP frameworks are platforms designed in such a way that they will make it easy for you to code and make it as simple as possible. The entire purpose of the PHP Framework is to eliminate the amount of time and manual effort you will have to put into your work daily. It is important to note that every PHP Framework has its strength and weaknesses, and you need to keep that in mind before you utilize them for your project.

However, if you want to complete your project efficiently and on time, then PHP frameworks will provide convenience. The best PHP Framework depends upon the scalability, security factor, and how easy it is to use for you. Once you understand your exact requirements, you can easily choose the PHP Framework built just for you!

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