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The Best WordPress SEO Plugins: Everyone Should Know


Are you tired of trying several techniques but still unable to rank your site? Then it would help if you opted for Best WordPress SEO Plugins. Plugins can be defined as ad-ups that help make your site more advanced and professional. And SEO Plugins help you do SEO for your site in less time. In that regard, plugins benefit you if you know exactly how they work.

So, without further detail, let’s check out the Best WordPress SEO Plugins below!

Yoast SEO Plugin

You will be amazed to know that Yoast is one of the best WordPress SEO Plugins. And if you are a beginner, it should be your priority. There are many reasons to use this plugin. First, as a site owner, you are often worried about SEO. And that’s what Yoast does for you. This plugin helps you rank your site by bringing organic traffic.

Now you might be wondering how it works and how it is easy to use. Well, this particular WordPress SEO Plugin will have three different color options. And these colors will be green, orange, and red. The green color symbolizes that your content is good, whereas the orange color indicates that your content needs a bit of change. And red color represents that your content is not good.

  • Yoast is one of the best WordPress SEO Plugins.
  • It will show three different colors.
  • Every color will indicate the quality of your content in terms of SEO.
  • Then it will give you several options to improve the quality.
  • You will quickly optimize your URL, meta description, external and internal links, tags, readability, and keywords of your content.

AISEO WordPress SEO Plugin

It is also one of the best WordPress SEO Plugins. AISEO stands for All in one SEO. So, it is pretty evident from its name that this plugin includes everything you need to do better SEO of your content. If your content is not optimized correctly, your site won’t attract organic traffic.

Now you might wonder how this All in one SEO plugin differs from others. So It is different because it helps you do in-page SEO optimization and creates instant sitemaps. And the best thing is, whenever you add anything new to your site, this plugin will instantly notify search engines.

  • AIO SEO stands for All in one SEO.
  • It helps you do a lot of big things in very little time.
  • You can easily do on-page SEO optimization.
  • This tool is also capable of creating instant sitemaps too.
  • And whenever you add anything to your site, it will inform/notify the search engines.

RANK MATH WordPress SEO Plugin

Another best WordPress SEO Plugin is none other than RANK MATH. You will fall in love with the features of this plugin. And the most exciting thing is that this plugin is suitable for all. Whether you are a business owner, photographer, blogger, or vlogger, you can have it.

The most cherishing features of RANK MATH include many things; it gives you direct suggestions from google about extra keywords. It helps you optimize all images, and most importantly, it keeps your website fast. RANK MATH also detects 404 errors and fixes them to avoid any disruption.

  • RANK MATH allows you to perform multiple SEO functions with one click.
  • You can optimize all images, add different keywords, and remove errors.
  • Above all, its speed is very fast despite so many functionings.


If you are a beginner in the content management industry and do not know much about SEO, then you must go for this particular WordPress SEO Plugin. Indeed, it is one of the best WordPress SEO Plugins you will never regret using. It is unique because it works differently. It is best if you are a beginner searching for an easy-to-use plugin.

And why this plugin is the best SEO Plugin for beginners and the best SEO Plugin for the blog because it makes your content Google-friendly and human-friendly. You know, sometimes, SEO makes your content mechanical and dry, but this plugin keeps your content balanced, and readers enjoy reading your content. And also, it is specifically designed for beginners.

  • It is also one of the best WordPress SEO Plugins.
  • It is also one of the best WordPress SEO Plugins for beginners because it is effortless.
  • You can use it even if you don’t know much about SEO.
  • It is the best SEO WordPress Plugin for the blog as it makes your blog google friendly and human-friendly (interesting to read).
  • It will help you find excellent keywords and analyze your articles.

Broken Link Checker

Have you ever gone through a traumatic situation of a broken link? It is devastating. And you know what, most of the time, you do not understand why your site is not ranking. And it takes a lot of time to check that link is not working accurately. How can you expect your site to be ranked if your links are not working correctly? How can you expect to drive organic traffic? There is no chance of growth at all.

So, what should you do to avoid this panicked situation? You need a tool or plugin to help you out. And Broken Link Checker is one of the best WordPress SEO Plugins. It will automatically check all your links, and it will notify you whenever there is an issue. This WordPress SEO Plugin can also block the broken link from being followed by search engines to ensure the safety of your site.

  • If you are fed up with broken links, use Broken Link Checker.
  • It is one of the best WordPress SEO Plugins.
  • It will automatically check the links and notify you.
  • You can also prevent your site by blocking the broken links from being followed by search engines.

The SEO Framework

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the soul of your content. If your content is not fully optimized, it means your site is worthless. No matter how much effort you have put in to make your content attractive, it won’t attract views. It would help if you used some tools or plugins to get clicks, views, and organic traffic. And the SEO Framework is one of the best WordPress SEO Plugins.

It will not only help you if you are an expert, but also it will make SEO very easy if you are a beginner. So, the best thing about this plugin is that it is also perfect for experts and beginners. If you find it challenging to create titles, this tool will help you generate them. Also, this tool will help create URLs. And the most astonishing factor is that it will deploy anti-spam techniques.

  • The SEO Framework is the best WordPress SEO plugin, whether you are an expert or a beginner.
  • It will help create exciting titles for your post.
  • It will help you generate credible links.
  • And it will deploy many anti-spam techniques.
  • And above all, it will create a content relationship to make it easier for viewers to find relevant content.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a WordPress Plugin?

A WordPress plugin is an extension or tool that helps make your site more attractive and less complicated. The ultimate purpose of using a WordPress Plugin is to do most technical stuff in a short time without any hassle.

  • Are WordPress Plugins Free?

Yes! There are a lot of free WordPress plugins. But if you want an advanced version or premium subscription, you have to pay for it.

  • What are the Advantages of Using WordPress Plugins?

WordPress plugins are very beneficial, especially for SEO. They help you accomplish big things in little or no time, and these plugins help you optimize your tags, URLs, meta descriptions, keywords, and titles.

  • Give the List of Best WordPress SEO Plugins 2022.

There are many plugins, but the best WordPress SEO Plugins are Yoast SEO Plugin, SEO SQUIRRELY, Broken Link Checker, and The SEO Framework.


The bottom line is just like SEO is the heart of any site. Same as that, plugins are the soul of any site. You can not expect your site to be ranked if you are not doing proper SEO, then your site won’t rank. Your site won’t attract any readers. And if your WordPress site is not attracting any views, then what is it for? Indeed, it isn’t very worth it then. So, what do you need to rank it?

You need the best SEO WordPress Plugins to rank your site. You will be amazed to know that search engines are so sharp; they cleverly detect whether your content is worthless or valuable. If they find relevance in your content, they rank your site automatically. And to do the best SEO, you need some tools.

These tools will help you do the best SEO in no time. Some of these tools will automatically generate the titles if you find any difficulty. It also allows you to find the most relevant keywords. And also, these tools will optimize links, descriptions, and tags. In short, your content will be fully optimized.

Hopefully, this article will help you internalize the importance of using the best SEO WordPress Plugins!

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